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The Benefits of Being Part of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Date: 12/10/16

Home security is a big issue and we are keen to stress that you should do everything you can to secure your home, within budget and sticking to your own principles. Whether this is intercom systems, alarm systems, different types of locks or FakeTV’s to transmit light and ward off potential intruders, there are plentiful options.

Outside of your own home though, becoming a part of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is a great way to help the community as a whole become safer, with friends and neighbours keeping an eye out for potential trouble. It teaches the wider community the principles behind how to keep each home safe and what to look out for as potential hazards and problems that could invite more theft in the area.

Since 1982 Neighbourhood Watch has been on the streets of the UK, with schemes now in place across the entire country. Crime has been reducing in the UK over the last two decades and schemes such as the Neighbourhood Watch have had a profound impact on the lowering rates of crime in recent years. In fact, those areas with a scheme see 40% fewer burglaries than similar households in areas without Neighbourhood Watch.

To find out more about how to join a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme visit their website. At ERA, we believe in supporting the Neighbourhood Watch together we can provide the highest quality products and advice to secure your home and keep your family safe.

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