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Testing beyond salt spray

We know that when a door or window looks great, it needs to stay that way, so it’s imperative our products lead the way in anti-corrosion and performance standards.

The key to this enhancement is Hardex, a durable skin that creates unmatchable resilience. We invented Hardex to remain unaffected by everyday conditions. Our Hardex coating can withstand up to 1000 hours of Prohesion corrosion testing to encapsulate the perfection of Fab&Fix hardware.

Unlike other manufacturers that undergo standard salt spray testing, our Prohesion testing delivers realistic, superior results that are more representative of outdoor corrosion than results from salt spray. While salt spray is good for testing one product against another, it is known for not showing the true-life performance as effectively as Prohesion testing.

Many other manufacturers class salt spray testing as their quality test but it does not show how the product will withstand real-lie conditions. Fab&Fix go one step further by using Proheion testing that replicates real-life.

At Fab&Fix we vigorously test every product in accelerated testing conditions to ensure that they consistently meet and go beyond your requirements. With all this said, when you choose Fab&Fix decorative hardware for your doors and windows you know you are buying top quality.