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Keeping your home safe

Burglary can happen anytime day or night, winter or summer but the latest crime figures published show that the number of burglaries rises in the months of November through to January. And while we generally keep our windows and doors closed and locked more in the winter there are many telling signs that show whether your home is empty or occupied.

Expert Tips

Make sure your window and door locks meet current standards – where possible use additional visual deterrents, such as patio locks and window locks, to make a burglar think twice.

If you’re out all day - install simple and cost effective timers on lamps throughout your house. But set them to slightly different ‘ON’ times.

If you’re away for an extended period of time, ask a neighbor to park on your drive at night and open and close your curtains. Nothing says ‘empty house’ than curtains closed during the day.

Install outside lighting - that protects the vulnerable parts of your home. Your personal security is even more essential so make sure your pathway and front door are protected by motion sensor lighting.

Under the cover of darkness - a burglar may consider gaining access through a front door – upgrade your ‘EuroCylinder’ on your front door to avoid cylinder snapping or bumping. As soon as its dark and your lights go on, close your curtains and blinds – the last thing you want to do is advertise the contents of your home to the outside world.

While the latest crime statistics - show that burglaries in fact reduce in December, they peak again in January. Be sensible and avoid leaving expensive and tempting Christmas presents under your tree – especially if they can be seen from the road.

Never open the door in darkness - without the use of a chain on your front door.