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5 Simple Ways to Prevent Burglars Targeting YOUR House

Date: 21/04/16

Important tips for Window Lock SecurityAs one of the UK’s leading locksmith training companies, we’re obviously well aware of the importance of using good quality doors and windows with the best performing locks, fitted by experienced professionals.  But we like to think home security is more than simply stopping a burglar in their tracks using such equipment.  We believe that best practice is a combination of measures, which when utilised can help ensure your home isn’t even a target for potential burglars.  Below we take a look at some simple measures every homeowner can take to make their property unattractive to even the most determined burglar…

Don’t make it easy for them

Burglars aren’t the most industrious of people, in fact they’re very lazy.  So the harder you make them work to get into your property, the more chance there is they’re going to give up and move on elsewhere.  Upstairs windows being left open are a popular choice, even more so if you store any ladders outside.  Close ALL windows when the house is empty and if you do own ladders, don’t make life easy for burglars - ensure they’re securely locked or even better, stored inside somewhere such as a garage 

Don’t forget your shed!

Shed Door Lock Security TipsWhat do you store in your shed?  Lawnmower?  Garden tools?  Power tools?  This sort of equipment can easily be worth several thousands of pounds, so it is shocking at how many people store equipment like this in sheds with nothing more than a padlock or sometimes just a latch!  Sheds are a real treasure trove for burglars as they can often go about their business undisturbed, so don’t make it easy for them and fit the best quality shed door and lock that you can afford.  They’ll soon turn around and seek an easier target when they see this.

NEVER leave a note on your front door

Nipping to the shop?  Don’t want to miss that important delivery?  It’s tempting to leave a note on the front door isn’t it, just to say you’ll be back in 15 minutes. But to a passing burglar (and yes there are such things, they’re opportunists) it is an open invite telling them you’re out and you won’t be back for a few minutes.  That’s all it takes a good burglar to get into your house and relieve you of cash, jewellery and valuables.

Be careful with your rubbish

If you’ve just bought a new TV or other piece of high value goods, don’t leave your old TV out for the binmen to collect, or the packaging your new TV came in.  Think about it - it basically tells any opportunist passing by that there is a brand new, high-value piece of equipment in your home.  Instead, take things like this to the tip immediately, and don’t give burglars clues that you have equipment worth stealing. 

Be careful with social media

Do you know everyone well on your Facebook friends list?  If not, and your privacy settings aren’t well managed, don’t go posting your holiday snaps whilst you’re enjoying a two week holiday in Benalmadena.  These could easily be seen by an opportunist thief who will know your house is empty and they have all the time in the world to clear out all your worldly possessions.  That’s not going to be a nice thing to come home to, is it?

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