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Run, Hide, LockDown, Tell

Run, Hide, LockDown, Tell

Date: 23/10/18

Do you have a solid plan of action in the event of a terrorist attack? ERA has developed ERA Lockdown as a way of securing a door and turning a room into a hiding place in such situations. 

The public is being educated on how to act in an emergency situation, such as a terror attack. If you are in a public building, school, bar or restaurant, those few seconds extra that you can find before the emergency and security services arrive could be the difference between life and death. 

What is Run, Hide, Tell?

It is a way of thinking that is being taught to children in schools and the wider general public in order to prepare for the worst case scenario of a terrorist attack. 

  • Run – consider your safest options and routes, escape if possible and if not then find a good hiding spot without exposing yourself to greater danger. Insist all others leave with you and leave all belongings behind.
  • Hide – Find cover from gunfire, remember that if you can see the attacker they may be able to see you, be aware of all nearby exits and be as quiet as possible by turning off mobile phone sounds/vibrate setting.
  • Tell – At the first opportunity call 999 to inform the emergency services of your location and that of the suspects, the direction they are heading in and any descriptive information you can provide.

As part of the ‘hide’ section of this way of thinking ERA offers The ERA Lockdown as a way of quickly barricading a door without the need of the locks. It can help you buy some precious seconds to hide and prevent the intruder from gaining entry to the room you are in. Find out more about this innovative ‘invacuation device’ here.


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