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Which padlock will do the job for you?

Date: 27/09/18

When it comes to choosing padlocks for your property, it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re looking for. Most homeowners are quickly tempted by the first padlock they see, or anything inexpensive that they can pick up while shopping on the high street. But the truth is, most cheap padlocks can be easily disabled – either by being picked or cut. 

The range of padlocks produced by ERA are suitable for all applications that require a solid, secure padlock. Our professional range are designed with a five double pin cylinder that ensures that it is the ultimate anti-pick, anti-bump, and drill resistant lock. These padlocks are perfect for any areas on your property that need higher security; the dual stainless-steel ball bearing locking mechanism even ensures that the shackle of the lock is protected against pull attacks.

We also offer weather proof, combination, and solid brass padlocks. Each of the padlocks in our range have their own unique features and benefits, but they all have a single thing in common – high security ratings. None of our padlocks are rated below a 4, and our most secure padlock has a rating of 9. Most importantly, all our locks are expertly designed  anti-pick, anti-bump, and drill resistant, too, so you’re sure to find a padlock that suits your security needs from our extensive range. 

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