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All you need to know about LockDown

All you need to know about LockDown

Date: 20/09/18

Our Lockdown Door Barricade is an emergency door barricade device which can be set up in seconds. It’s tested to PAS24 impact resistance standards, which means that, even under pressure, the Lockdown Door Barricade has been expertly designed to stay put in both single and double door set ups. 

Wherever you are, if it’s a place that is public or accessible for individuals that could be considered vulnerable, then having a Lockdown Door Barricade could be the best alternative solution to evacuation; when evacuation becomes an option that is no longer viable. The reality is that every building should have a plan in place, in case of attack or criminal invasion. Lockdown is an ‘invacuation’ device, giving the user the ability to create a safe hiding place, as long as they understand how to set up this simple device. 

The device works by being placed in the small gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. As the product is pre-installed and made ready for any emergency, you have the opportunity to shave the bottom of the door to ensure there is 2mm clearance. The device is then extended, and it locks on to either side of the door frame. A quick twist of the locking mechanism’s key keeps it in place. 

Lockdown is a free-standing door barricade that can be activated in seconds, keeping the occupants of a room safe inside while there is a threat. It works completely independently, so a room without locks can still be secured using the ERA Lockdown door device.

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