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Where is ERA Lockdown Used?

Where is ERA Lockdown Used?

Date: 20/11/18

The ERA Lockdown Door Barricade is a security product that we provide for customers within a wide range of sectors. Tested to a high standard of impact resistance, it has been expertly designed and developed to be of particular use within the education sector, leisure and tourism, where large groups of people congregate. 

If you are in a public place, or a location that could be considered vulnerable to a potential terrorist attack or illegal intrusion, ERA Lockdown is a barricade that can provide you with those extra few seconds that could make a real difference in an emergency situation.

The ERA Lockdown creates an ‘invacuation’ situation, providing a safe hiding place through the placement of the barricade between the bottom of a door and the floor. It locks on to either side of the doorframe and can be activated in seconds. Even if a room does not have a key, ERA Lockdown can secure it quickly and effectively from outside intrusion.

There are several public places that the ERA Lockdown door barricade can be put to good use. First off in educational establishments. At schools, colleges and universities, there are large numbers of pupils and teachers present each day. If an intruder manages to get inside the perimeter of a school and inside the building, the barricade can close off routes and allow for a safe hiding place whilst the authorities are alerted. The same can be said of any large office space, shopping centres, as well as collections of bars and restaurants where groups of people are congregating at any one time.

If you would like to find out more about ERA Lockdown and how it can be an effective measure in the face of an emergency terrorist attack, please feel free to contact our representative today on 01922 490 050. 

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