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Wired v Wireless Alarm Systems

Wired v Wireless Alarm Systems

Date: 21/07/17

If you are looking to install a home alarm system you may wonder whether a wired or wireless alarm is the best solution. There are advantages to both, so let’s take a look at what you can expect with each.

Installation – Installation of a wireless alarm system is the easier of the two options, as most are DIY fit and will reduce the cost of installation significantly.

Running Costs – A wired alarm will run off your home power source and therefore items such as batteries won’t need replacing as they would on a wireless system. We recommend changing the batteries on a wireless alarm system every two to three years, so this could be a cost you need to factor in versus electricity use with a wired solution.

Consistency – Modern wireless alarm systems are as reliable as the wired variety after many years of development and research, so there is little to choose between the two for reliability.

Aesthetics – For many a wired alarm system is messy to look at, with the need to hide the required wiring behind plastic trunking. Wireless systems require no extra drilling and have no ugly wires and cables dangling from the system.

Overall, wireless alarm systems are much easier to install and can be expanded with additional accessories and sensors as required. They are also more cost effective, easier on the eye, and with our range of smart home alarm systems you can have peace of mind that your security is taken care of for a number of years. Take a look at our product range.

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