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What Burglars Are Looking For in a Home

What Burglars Are Looking For in a Home

Date: 11/01/17

Burglaries most often take place in the home, with weaker security systems than businesses generally. There are a few things that burglars are looking for in a home and a potential theft. Here we take a look at what you need to consider as a home owner or tenant, and how to counteract a potential burglary of your own.

Unlocked Entry Points

Most burglars when eyeing up a property are looking for the easiest way to get inside without being detected. Most burglaries are successful due to entry being made through an unlocked window or door.

Valuables in the Bedroom

Most valuables are stored (or hidden) in the bedroom, and it is the first place that a burglar will look for the most expensive items like jewellery or other, potentially, sentimental items.

Cash Lying Around

A burglar is looking for easy to steal items with the highest cash value, allowing them to get in and out quickly. Cash and jewellery are the two things that are most likely to be taken first. The main thing that will scare away a burglar is a solid home security system. If they gain entry and an alarm sounds it is more likely than not that they will leave immediately. For others, a home that has visible alarm systems, and intercom capabilities at the front door, is less likely to be targeted as the owners have taken their home security seriously.

If you would like to bolster your home security give ERA a call today and we can help put together a plan for your home.

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