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New Home - New security - what to do next?

Introduction It’s incredibly exciting when you move house – but at ERA we recommend that before you even move your first box in – you change the locks. It’s incredibly simple and the cost is negligible if you add it...

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Window and Door Security

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Below are a series of informative films intended to help you achieve a greater level of home security and peace of mind ERA product videos ERA Protect Overview   HomeGuard Pro...


Are you home improving?

Whether you’re having a complete home makeover, new extension or even new windows and door – it’s a great time to think about improving the security of your home. If you’re replacing your windows and doors as part of...

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The Language of Locks and Hardware

ACCESSORIES The term used to describe products usually in addition to basic security that help to upgrade your home security BATHROOM DOOR LOCK A type of Mortice lock featuring a thumbturn facility which is used to lock the door from...

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