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How to choose and change your cylinder

Introduction Manipulating the cylinder on a main entrance door - or ‘bumping’ - is a common form of gaining access to a property. Fortunately, it’s a simple DIY job to upgrade to a secure cylinder that clearly shows...

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Total Security

The only security guarantee recognised by the Neighbourhood Watch. Door and window security is complicated. It takes the right package of hardware, expertly fitted to bring total security to your home. Through knowledge built over 175 years...

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How to change a Mortice Lock

Introduction Mortice locks are available as either a deadlock or sashlock. A deadlock is operated by a key only; and a sashlock has a deadbolt sprung latch bolt that catches when the door is closed. A handle is required to operate a sashlock....

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Smart Security

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  ERA have been designing and manufacturing the door and window hardware that secures Britain’s homes for over 175 years. With all that knowledge and experience built into their innovative products, ERA have become the expert's...

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