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How do I secure my window?


Securing windows is a simple and effective way of deterring would-be-thieves and in this article, we will showcase three of the best window security devices, detailing when, where and why they should be installed.

Only one in ten burglaries in the UK is carried out by gaining access through a locked window but this figure rises significantly if the window is left open or unlocked. While the risk might be lower than gaining access through a door – effective home security is all about ‘layering’ the security – the more you have, the more put off a burglar will be from gaining access to your property.

A burglar is unlikely to break a window to gain access to your home – the sound of smashing glass will only attract attention to the attempted break - in so the most obvious thing to have is visible window locks – here are the best solutions available on the market – easy and relatively cheap to fit to your existing windows. Each requires simple DIY knowledge and all are pr iced to deliver higher levels of security without breaking the bank.

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Window security as easy as one, two, three,

1. Get a handle on security

A Locking Handle offers 'good looking' window security. It is self - locking and only needs a cut key to unlock it. The ERA range of locking handles enables homeowners to lock the window closed or partially open when at home - for additional ventilation. Locking Handles are available in a number of colours and finishes to suit the style of traditional or modern homes.

Always remember to remove keys from locked windows. Keep the keys out of sight and in a safe place.

2. Stay Safe with an additional Staylock

The best security products are those that add significant security benefit but without detracting from the overall look of your window. A Staylock is the perfect solution.

The threaded peg of an ERA Lockable Stay fits onto the stay without spoiling the aesthetics of the window. To allow for window ventilation the Staylock can be secured in an open or closed position - a great safety benefit if you have small children.

If child safety is a particular concern a Window Restrictor (Securistay) is a must. Allowing ventilation with security, an ERA Window Restrictor restricts opening to 75mm (3"). A key has to be used to unlock it and the lock can only be disconnected when the window is closed.

With or without children, a Window Restrictor is a suggested safety measure for windows in high rise buildings.

3. Avoid the thieving game with an additional Snaplock

If it's simple yet effective window security you're looking for then a Snaplock is one of your best bets. Looking to take the next step in security measures without spending much time or money? The easy - fitting ERA Snap Lock will provide the answer.

Suitable for most types of windows, once fitted, the Snaplock will lock automatically, as the window is closed. A key is only then required to unlock it.

On a concealed window thieves may have time to break glass and try to unscrew locking devices from the inside. Cunning plugs conceal and protect the fixing screws of a Snap Lock, foiling the would-be-burglar.

If you’re looking to replace your window – read our Buying Guide for windows, that will give you some helpful hints and tips that you should look out for.

Top Tips

1. Window locks with keys should be fitted to all downstairs windows

2. Don't forget locks on easy-to-reach upstairs windows. Burglars will use drainpipes or flat roofs to break in via a window

3. Any gap that is larger than a human head will provide access for a thief. Even small windows such as skylights or bathroom fanlights need locks

4. Remember to remove keys from locked windows and keep them out of sight, in a safe place

5. If you are replacing windows, you may want to consider using laminated glass

6. Louver windows are particularly at risk from being used to enter properties as thieves can easily remove slats from the frame. If replacing them, fixed glass is not an option, glue the slats into place or fit a special louver lock

7. Before you think of fitting additional locks to PVCu windows, talk to th e window installer to make sure new locks won't affect your warranty

8. As a strong security measure, consider fitting security grilles to vulnerable downstairs windows. There are lots of different decorative wrought-iron grilles available from UK DIY shops

9. MOST IMPORTANT TIP – Never leave upstairs or downstairs windows open when you go out – you’re inviting burglars into your home