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New Home - New security - what to do next?


It’s incredibly exciting when you move house – but at ERA we recommend that before you even move your first box in – you change the locks.

It’s incredibly simple and the cost is negligible if you add it into your ‘home move’ budget. 

Step 1: Change your door locks

Door Security

With PVCU doors the locks can be changed by just replacing the Euro Cylinder – please the ‘How to’ section of the website for information and a video on how to replace a cylinder.

If your door has a more traditional mortice lock and Nightlatch these can be also be easily changed – please see ‘How to replace a Mortice Lock’ and ‘How to replace a Nightlatch Cylinder’

Most insurance companies require a mortice lock of BS3621:2004 standard or higher or equivalent Multi-point lock.

Where the door is not thick enough to take a mortice lock insurers require a high security Nightlatch such as ERA’s BS Nightlatch.

Step 2: Additional security

No matter how good the locks on your door are it always good to take extra security measures ERA offer a number of options, door security bolts applied top and bottom can help dissipate any direct force applied to the door, also many thieves attack a door not on the lock side but on the hinge side here hinge bolts again fitted at the top and the bottom make removing the door from the hinge side much more difficult.

Window SecurityStep 3: Windows

ERA has a range to suit any window. These simple measures can significantly reduce the odds of you becoming a victim of burglary.

The results of the recent British Crime Survey clearly show that the odds of being burgled are significantly higher if you have no simple, yet visible security deterrents such as deadlocks on doors and window locks.

Step 4: Help and advice

The level of home security was the most important predictor of whether a household experienced burglary or not; 62% of homes that had been burgled didn't have window locks and 59% of burgled homes did not have a deadlock.

Easy to install high quality door and window locks can act as a real deterrent to burglars; people don't have to turn their homes into a fortress.

If you need any further advice on fitting or application or ERA locks please contact us using the ‘ask the expert’ feature of the website.