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The ultimate consumer peace of mind – it’s called the ERA Five Star Guarantee

Date: 25/02/15

Differentiating your fenestration is a tough challenge in today’s climate but ERA has developed the ultimate homeowner guarantee that will enable retailers to really develop a unique sales opportunity surrounding the locking mechanism.  It’s called ERA Five Star Guarantee and is, without question, the UK’s most comprehensive money-backed, home security guarantee.

ERA’s focus has been to develop a hardware guarantee that has real, tangible benefits for the homeowner.  This approach enables the retailer to confidently position the locking hardware as ‘best in class’ and this money-backed approach will undoubtedly resonate with the homeowner.

The ERA Five Star Guarantee incorporates £5000 worth of financial ‘compensations’ to the homeowner in the event of a break in due to the failure of an ERA component.  Critically, the Guarantee also provides the homeowner with absolute peace of mind that in the event of a break in, the property will be secured and repaired with zero hassle. 

Will Butler, group marketing director at ERA is confident that this approach will be a hit with fabricators and retailers, Will comments: “the challenge for any fabricator or retailer is to create as many points of differentiation to get their windows and doors into UK homes – so we’ve given our customers the ultimate weapon that will resonate with any homeowner looking to upgrade their windows and doors – who doesn’t love a proper, financially backed guarantee?  No hassle, no quibbles – just straight forward benefits that go straight into the pocket.  Our job is to develop hardware and supporting collateral that really does assist the retailer in winning orders – we are confident that this Guarantee delivers exactly that.”

The Five Star Guarantee includes:

  • Up to £1000 home insurance excess paid – if one of our components fails and results in a successful break in then we’ll pay up to £1000 home insurance excess.
  • Up to £1000 towards a repair or replacement – exactly what it says – if an ERA component fails we’ll contribute up to £1000 towards repair or replacement of that unit.
  • 24/7 help – we recognise that a break in can happen at anytime so we’re on the end of the phone 365 days per year, 24 hours per day to get the property secured.
  • Saving on the cost of home insurance – our recommended insurance broker recognises the value of ERA locking hardware so can save the home owner money on their insurance premium.
  • £1000 compensation – no quibble, no questions, just a cheque for £1000 for the inconvenience caused by a break in.

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