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Self-Install Home Security Options

Date: 23/07/20

If you are in the market for some home security solutions from ERA, you’ll notice that we have a comprehensive range of both mechanical and smart products. We always leave the choice of installation up to you, with different levels of experience and know-how required for each specific product. 

Over recent years there has been an impressive improvement in how home security products are installed. This is especially seen in the many types of home alarms and smart products that are wireless, making it much easier for any person to self-install without the need of professional help. This also translates into how these products and the software that comes with them are managed, with simple training processes that get you up to speed once it has been physically installed and is ready to use. 

We do offer a ‘Find an installer’ service that allows you to find a professional to visit your home and install your brand-new home security products, regardless of whether it is a new front door lock, a smart video doorbell or something in between. Despite this, we are always on hand to offer advice on how to install these products on your own, without the need of assistance. It is possible with all of our products and depends on how comfortable you are. 

There is no right or wrong answer. All we will continue to do is to provide expert levels of advice and knowledge, with training manuals for all home security products providing you with as much information as you require, should you decide to go with the self-install option. 
For more information please feel free to discuss things with the home security experts here at ERA. You can do so today on 01922 490 050 or email

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