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ERA Invincible Smart Home Alarm System

ERA Invincible Dual Network Communicating Alarm Kit      The ERA Invincible is the most Elite Smart Home Alarm System within the range, offering a high specification alarm that is easy to install. It works on a...

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ERA Door Intercom Systems

Wireless home video intercom solutions suitable for most homes Alongside the more traditional ways of someone letting you know their at your door, ERA have a range of wireless door intercom systems that allow you to see, hear...

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ERA E2000 Wireless DECT Door Intercom System

ERA E2000 Wireless Door Intercom System       The ERA E2000 Wireless Digital Telephone Intercom system allows you to conveniently hold a two-way conversation with the person at your door without the need to...

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Schlegel seals are the industry’s first choice for weathersealing. Whether you need foam, brush pile or extruded seals, they all are manufactured to the highest quality for energy conservation and optimal...

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Company Information

Over 180 years, we’ve invested in our expertise so we’ve always been in touch with the latest methods of protection. So as people have adapted the way they live, we have adapted the ways in which we help them to protect the...

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