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ERA Purpose and Values


Our Purpose

We transform the security, comfort and sustainability of living and working spaces through our expert touch.

Millions are kept safe and comfortable at home and at work around the world because of our expertise. We know that to be experts, we must have a deep understanding of our customers and their needs, an uncompromising commitment to both safety and quality, and a restless ambition to innovate. We never forget that experts are people: growing and energising our talent is at the heart of what makes us different.

With our expertise, we have the power to transform what we touch. We commit to transform living and working spaces, to transform people and careers, to transform the value of our businesses, and to transform our impact on communities and society.


Our Values

Our values frame how we work with each other and with our partners. The way we describe and how we live our culture is captured in our values. They are the foundation of our success and essential to achieving our purpose.

Never stop growing
There is no limit to what we can achieve

  • We take every opportunity to learn and develop, professionally and personally
  • Every day we make the continuous improvements which people deserve from us
  • We believe in the power of creativity to break through with new thinking, new ideas, new solutions


Do the right thing
Integrity is the cornerstone of our business

  • We demand transparency, and we always do what it takes to build or repair trust
  • We value, respect and look out for each other, and we are strongest when we are most diverse
  • We speak up and take care to listen, because every voice matters


Make it happen
We are action people

  • We behave like owners, always ready to hold ourselves and others to account
  • Inclusive teamwork creates our best results 
  • We take pride in bringing positive energy to our work, and our performance is fed by our passion