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ERA Installer Code of Conduct

ERA Installer Code of Conduct  
Dated: 11/02/2019


It is important to ERA to ensure that, when customers ask ERA to recommend an installer, that the installer representing ERA adheres to good practice and conduct.

As a key component of its installer scheme, ERA requires registered installers to abide by the highest standards in carrying out their business.  The conditions below are provided as a non-exhaustive framework for the standard of conduct that ERA expects, and failure to comply with these conditions, or any other reported incidents of poor or unsatisfactory conduct, will result in a poor rating and/or potential removal from the ERA Installer Scheme.

As ERA Installer, you will:

  • fit ERA product as requested by the homeowner;
  • conduct your business and/or professional activities with honesty and integrity;
  • represent your certifications and qualifications honestly and provide only those services which you are qualified or experienced to perform;
  • act in a manner free of bias and discrimination against any individual, product or manufacturer
  • maintain the privacy of individuals and confidentiality of information obtained in the course of your duties in accordance with the ERA Installer terms and conditions and all applicable legislation;
  • hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public when completing a security installation;
  • act in professional manner at all times;
  • maintain the highest ethical standards of advertising, selling, installation and service guided by the principals of honesty and integrity;
  • avoid deceptive acts in the solicitation of security installation work;
  • carry out your services in accordance with all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice;
  • offer and honour clear, understandable warranties that comply with legal requirements for periods of 1yr or more;
  • not falsify or permit misrepresentation of your professional qualifications (licence status, years in business, etc.) as a properly licensed contractor;
  • present honestly the capabilities, performance and standards of the ERA products you supply;
  • quote realistic prices and dates of work; and
  • not knowingly provide a quote for a project with the intention of adding on additional charges at a later date.  Additional charges are only acceptable if agreed with the customer before being incurred.