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ERA Protect

ERA Protect Smart Security

One system, one smartphone app, with a multitude of capabilities and features that empower you to own your smart security from start to finish.

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Expect more from your security, we do


The essence of simplicity

The alarm system and cameras work together seamlessly in one fully integrated app that can be controlled from anywhere, anytime. The hub is set up, controlled and operated using the uncomplicated family app, that an be download for free to any smartphone.

The dual path technology keeps your alarm and cameras operational even if your home internet signal is down. Using the embedded 4G roaming built-in SIM, the hub connects you to the strongest signal until your internet connection is restored* – so you can be confident of never missing a notification. The hub is connected directly to your router via an ethernet connection, ideal for any homes/ building with poor WiFi and gives a strong reliable connection. The cloud-based system will ensure that your hub always stays up to date with over-the-air updates.


Smart Phone App



ERA Protect hub

Affordable security for your home

As the system is wireless, it is fully expandable at any time and tailored to suit most properties. Which means you can start with the base kit and then add additional accessories as your budget allows or as your home or family expands. In total you can add up to 96 additional accessories to any alarm hub. With a range of pet friendly PIR motion sensors, door/ window sensors, remote controls, touch RFID compatible keypads, sirens and replica sirens; plus, indoor, outdoor and outdoor floodlight cameras – the fully integrated system is suitable for any size home or budget.

The hub is also compatible with Amazon Echo to control the burglar alarm system with voice control too, you can arm, disarm and home mode set.


Out of sight, but never out of action


Never out of action

The ERA Protect wireless smart system brings alarm and camera excellence to offer you ultimate security confidence. By connecting directly to your router, you can be sure that your alarm system isn't effected by the strength of your WiFi signal.

In the event internet is down, Protect continues to operate in an alert situation. The built-in 4G roaming SIM* allows crucial data to be sent to the secure ERA cloud platform from both alarm and cameras, all operable from anywhere, with a smart, intuitive app.


Connect Directly to your router



Add ERA Plus or Premium

Anytime of day

Protect Plus ensures you stay connected during power-cuts and broadband outage, as the dual path technology automatically routes the alarm signals over mobile networks using the built-in 4G SIM card, so any property security remains active. The alarm sensors also automatically activate any Protect camera(s) to record what’s happening at the scene when an alarm is triggered.

Premium Plus upgrades your system to have all the benefits and features of Protect Plus with the addition of professional monitoring. So, whether your home or away you can be sure we’re looking after your property. If an alarm triggers, the monitoring service will check where the instance occurred, check any installed cameras to identify the source of the trigger and determine the course of action.


Security is more than skin deep


Tested beyond limits

As one of the first alarm system to comply with the latest BSI Kitemark for IoT Devices, the alarm has been through intensive rigorous testing to give you the confidence that the ERA Protect platform is fitted with the highest security controls to guarantee the safety of your data. To learn more about the IoT Kitemark and the BSI click here.

The BSI choose to develop a kitemark specifically centred around IoT products due to the growing demand for connected products and spread of these now available for consumers. The Kitemark symbol provides a quick and easy way for you to identify IoT devices you can trust and that have been independently verified.


Trusted Security



Serious about security

A brand name you can trust

ERA understand security, with over 180 years of security experience under their belts, they combine this with the latest technology and functionality – to bring you the latest connected smart home security.

The ERA Protect system is not about gadgets, it's a security solution for those serious about protecting their home. We have a dedicated UK development team who work to give you the very best in security for your home. Fitted with GDPR compliant cloud storage, your data is fully encrypted and tested to the British Standard Kitemark for IoT devices.

With a team of full trained dedicated experts, should you have any questions when installing, the customer support team would be happy to guide you through set up and installation. Or any further questions after installation, advisers are on hand to help too.

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