When you’re out and about, make those intruders think you’re home

As seen on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and featured at No.1 in Which magazine ‘Staying safe at home’, the FakeTV visual intruder/burglar deterrent makes burglars think you are at home watching TV. From outside the house, the FakeTV simulates the appearance of an active Television Set and is fully portable and quick and easy to set up. Simply place it near a window and its internal light sensor will automatically trigger the super bright multi-colour LED lights at dusk,
simulating a working television set.


The FakeTV is eco-friendly using less power than a night light and is safer than leaving a television set running when no-one is at home. Statistics show that 90% of intruders will not enter a property they think is occupied. Real Burglars know that Real Televisions do not work on Timers!

As many products are subject to nowadays, please be aware of cheaper imitations that don’t have the required certification, safety requirements and correct equipment supplied within the kit. Its always worth checking that the product is branded with FakeTV and has the correct markings before purchasing.


  • Realistic TV programme simulation, no light or colour pattern repeats
  • Simulates scene changes, light fades, on-screen motion and colour changes
  • Eco friendly - uses less power than a night light
  • Low voltage LED's used
  • Much safer than leaving on a high power TV
  • Built in processor controls the super bright LED's in a random fashion
  • Light output equivalent to a 27" TV screen
  • Light sensor automatically switches on at Dusk, no external timer necessary
  • Two settings - Dusk plus 4 hours and Dusk plus 7 hours (Summer and Winter)
  • 240v mains adaptor included
  • Can be used with a timer to give random or timed on/off function
  • The kit includes: FakeTV unit Mains Adaptor Instructions


To purchase a genuine FakeTV, please visit our Response Electronics online shop

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