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When creating a beautiful and stylish home, details are everything. Fab&Fix decorative hardware perfectly matches across the range – not just in colour, but in form as well. Five years in development, the Fab&Fix Hardex Electro...

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Mission & Values

  Our Purpose We transform the security, comfort and sustainability of living and working spaces through our expert touch. Millions are kept safe and comfortable at home and at work around the world because of our expertise. We...

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Keeping your home safe

Burglary can happen anytime day or night, winter or summer but the latest crime figures published show that the number of burglaries rises in the months of November through to January. And while we generally keep our windows and doors closed and...

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In an increasingly threatening world, security is becoming more complex. One device can’t make a home safe – it takes the right combination of hardware. Through knowledge built over 175 years and cutting edge product innovation, ERA...

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3 star Door Cylinders

  At the cornerstone of the UK’s hardware sector, ERA continues to drive the innovation that underpins home security. For over 180 years, we’ve invested in our expertise so we’ve always been in touch with the latest...

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