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What locks do I have? Timber Doors

Introduction Locking mechanisms on doors are varied and it can be difficult to judge whether what you have is good, bad or indifferent. This information takes you through the common types of door locks for timber doors. Ultimately what...

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ERA and Crompton

Creating a secure home is not about a single component it encompasses a range of products that work together to secure a property. ERA’s range covers everything from locks, hinges, Crompton ironmongery and additional security to alarms and...

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The Language of Locks and Hardware

ACCESSORIES The term used to describe products usually in addition to basic security that help to upgrade your home security BATHROOM DOOR LOCK A type of Mortice lock featuring a thumbturn facility which is used to lock the door from...

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Response Electronics

The UK's leading brand in DIY alarm systems, intercoms and other accessories. In 1996 Response Electronics were awarded The Daily Mail AWARD OF EXCELLENCE and our alarms systems are recognised by leading publications and...

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ERA Protect Smart Security

One system, one smartphone app, with a multitude of capabilities and features that empower you to own your smart security from start to finish. That's ERA Protect > > > Expect more from your security, we...

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